Traceability in Operation: Download the Agenda

 “Serialisation Ultimately Offers the Opportunity to Drive Down Business Costs”

The DSCSA and FMD deadlines, alongside growth into emerging markets, mean that serialisation is an integral and permanent part of your supply chain - and now it needs to be as efficient as possible. It is for that reason that the Traceability in Operation 2017 will have a key focus on strategising towards leveraging risk management, ROI, and operational efficiency. We will be discussing patient safety, data management, SAP Integration, and much more! 

Experts from Amgen, UCB, Arena Pharmaceutical, Bayer, GS1 and many others will be coming together to explore

  • Utilising serialisation beyond industry requirements
  • Create a sustainable serialisation process, after fully implememnting their serialisation process 7 years ago
  • Moving into new markets and keeping up with serialisation from South Korea to Europe

Download the complete agenda for the complete speaker line-up and their presentation details.

Traceability in Operations

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