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Traceability in Operation Agenda

Download the agenda to view the topics in discussion at the Traceability in Operations Summit.

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Case Studies:The SME and CMO Perspectives

Pharma IQ spoke to Mark Davison, Chief Executive Officer at Blue Sphere Health Ltd to gain insight on his experience working with SME pharma & biotechs for serialisation. Also we spoke to Vetter pharma – a responsible CMO for their insight on how peer CMOs optimise their serialisation strategy.

Serialisation: The South Korean Landscape

Pharma IQ spoke to Jay Jay Han of Hanmi Pharmaceutical to explore the serialisation landscape in South Korea.

Serialisation: Top Tech Integration Considerations

Roger Bate from the American Enterprise Institute estimates that global economy is hit by $10 billion in losses due to counterfeit and substandard medicines alone. Undoubtedly, technology stands as a keystone in a controlled track and trace system. In this eBook we look at the key considera ...

Serialisation 2015 - What's next for the market?

Pharma IQ spoke to Jean Marc Bobee of Sanofi to find out about what’s next for the market in terms of serialisation.

Traceability In Operation Market Research: Concerns and Priorities

Ahead of the traceability in operation forum 2017 Pharma IQ conducted some market research to pinpoint the concerns and priorities of those in the more mature phases of serialisation. Commentary supplied by Pasi Kemppainen, Executive Consultant, Pharma Serialization and Traceability.

The World Beyond Compliance- Serialisation

Whilst it is natural for a serialisation program to focus on delivering to the hard legislative deadlines, it can be detrimental if these short term needs limit the project’s long term scope and capabilities. If this is allowed to happen, then reaping the broader future benefits from the serialisati ...

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Printable Worldmap - Serialisation Deadlines

As the serialisation industry prepares for various approaching deadlines all over the globe, Pharma IQ has created a printable map to assist with your worldwide track and trace compliance strategies.

Software Best Practises: Implementation & Data Integration

Effective data management is imperative to achieve regulatory compliance with a serialisation programme. Non-standard data exchange and integration methods are seen as one of the biggest hurdles in serialisation compliance.4 In light of the data responsibilities expected within serialisation projects, Pharma IQ consults with a selection of experts on software...

Pharma Serialisation & Traceability Buyers Guide [Sample]


10 Tips for Developing a Serialisation Strategy: Your Roadmap to Success!

The serialisation strategy of a company and the resultant serialisation service that delivers and maintains the capabilities required, needs to ensure that the requirements of legislation are understood and the capabilities are defined to meet those needs. Once serialisation capabilities become available, companies can then look to leverage them for...

Exclusive: Interview On GS1’s Traceability Guideline for Brazil

After around six months of consultation, global standards organisation GS1 is in the final stages of compiling its Brazilian Medicine Traceability using GS1 EPCIS Part 1 Implementation Guide. In the lead up to this hotly anticipated document, Pharma IQ spoke to Eduardo Salles, Director da Dotter do Brazil who assisted...

Industry Report: Global Traceability and Serialisation Pharma

In this Serialisation Report, Pharma IQ presents the findings of its latest industry survey while drawing trends on previous years to explore the shifts in industry consensus. Plus, Pharma IQ presents its printable Serialisation Deadline Worldmap.

Pharmaceutical Serialisation - The Global Problem with No Global Solution

In this Pharma IQ interview Pasi Kemppainen, executive consultant for serialisation and traceability and current lead of serialisation implementation at Orion Pharma, shares his insights on why the pharmaceutical industry has been slow to adopt mass serialisation, key implementation challenges and preparing for regulation requirements in the future.

Pasi Kemppainen on Managing & Implementing Pharmaceutical Serialisation

Pasi Kemppainen is an executive consultant for serialisation and traceability and currently leading the serialisation implementation at Orion Pharma. In this interview he speaks to Andrea Charles from Pharma IQ, about managing and implementing serialisation and shares his top tip for preparing for regulation requirements and implementation in the future.

Steps to Beat Counterfeiting and Tampering: The AstraZeneca Approach

Christoph Krahenbuhl, IS Programme Manager for Pack Coding and Product Security at AstraZeneca, talks to Helen Winsor from Pharma IQ about the challenges associated with pharmaceutical serialisation and traceability and how they are being addressed.

Serialisation, Traceability and Coding – Responding as a Pharmaceutical Company to the Challenges

In this presentation Christoph Krähenbühl, IS Programme Manager, Pack Coding and Product Security, AstraZeneca discusses product security, patient safety, anti-counterfeiting, supply chain control and coding. He also discussed how AstraZeneca tackles some of these issues.

Serialisation, Track & Trace and e-Pedigree for Pharma

Sebastien Mauel, Head of Product Security, Merck Serono, shares his insights with Pharma IQ at IQPC's Pharmaceutical Serialisation & Traceability event. Mauel discusses the current challenges relating to detecting counterfeit drugs in the supply chain, preventing counterfeiting at the pharmacy, strategies for successful authentication of pharmaceutical products and the benefits...

Drug Quality and Security Act- New US Legislation for Pharma Tracking

Don’t be distracted by news of a ‘shutdown’ in the American government, some of the biggest news from the pharmaceutical legislation perspective is not related to the inability to pass a budget. The Drug Quality and Security Act will have a bigger impact on pharma.

A One Page Guide to Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

Pharma IQ presents this interactive one page guide to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Implementation Plan

Managing Serialisation – Authentication and Track and Trace

In this article we will discuss publishing the related serialisation information and two of the common serialisation models, Authentication and Track and Trace. Product Information Notification Typically, once product packaging of one or more levels has been uniquely identified, this information, together with other information related to the product and...

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Sample Delegate List

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Traceability in Operation - Opportunities

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