Seize the Opportunity to Maximise Your Serialisation System!

The FMD and DSCSA deadlines are fast approaching and with that, companies like you need to ensure that all key aspects of integrating your track and trace systems are covered!


Do you have the most efficient operation in place now that you have reached the final stages of serialisation?


Are the challenges surrounding software management stopping you from completing levels 4-5 of implementation?


Have you though about how to maximise you ROI, exploit your software, and minimise risk management?


Are you ready to look forward towards the next step?

If you want to ensure that you are 100% prepared and start looking to develop your traceability system, then don’t miss the Traceability in Operation Conference 2017!

Looking beyond the production cycle, this conference will focus on how you can ensure you’ve got serialisation right the first time, begin strategizing how to improve compliance, and update your system so that when the next regulatory deadline arrives, you’re already prepared!

To ensure your systems are the most efficient, and to start addressing the next stages of serialisation before it’s too late, then look no further!

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Key Challenges and Topic of Debate


Decipher how to move from product implementation to the operational stage with the highest level of efficiency by fine tuning your production cycle


See how to add value beyond compliance and uncover how data integrity will play a role in improving traceability


Identify a risk based strategy in implementing a sustainable traceability system ensuring that a cost effective serialisation system is in place


Minimise Risk Management and establish mechanisms involved when enforcing the shift around serialisation to data implications and improving patient safety.


Leverage software management and determine how it can be used as a tool for marketing analytics


Understand how Master Data Management can ensure compliance and plan for the future in knowing what the full capabilities are for improving and furthering the skills in technical advancement


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